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in which I watch too many Ignite talks June 8, 2013

Posted by Ashli in General, Prof. Development.

Though I wonder if that’s actually possible.

This post is more me curating Ignite talks for future reference than anything. If you have a 5 minute chunk of time and want to watch something mathy/educationy/awesome, click one of the links below, arranged in no particular order:

Avery Pickford, CMC-North, A Humble Proof (if there’s room in the margins)

Max Ray, NCSM 2013, Tweet Me, Maybe?

Annie Fetter, NCSM 2013, Hidden Decision-Making in the Math Classroom (Everybody’s doing it. Why shouldn’t you?)

Eleanor Terry, NCSM 2013, Increasing Our Confidence (Intervals)

Karim Kai Ani, NCSM 2013, Mathalicious: Real-World Math

Patrick Callahan, NCSM, A Modest Proposal

Bill McCallum, NCSM 2011, A Tale of Two Triangles

Dan Meyer, CMC-South 2011, When Will I Ever Use This In Real Life


This is by no means a complete list, so please post in the comments below some of your favorites!

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1. Chris Hunter - June 8, 2013

A couple more from the Math Forum folks…

I love Annie Fetter’s talk http://youtu.be/WFvYZDR4OeY

Left me re-thinking my classroom discussion, not to mention talking math with my kids.

And “Why 2 > 4″ from Max Ray, the man with the most mathematical name in the mathtwitterblogosphere http://youtu.be/daCtIac24yU

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