in which the unit circle gets its due and movement is noted

A colleague of mine who is teaching Precalculus this year asked about a Unit Circle Project that is mentioned in my outline from when I taught the course. I realized that it’s something I’d never written down as I learned it at a T3 conference in Seattle (from Rhonda Davis) but I didn’t get the handout due to the over-full session and the presenter does not exist online from what I can tell. Over the years I’ve done it my way and like to put it right near the start of Precalculus.

Students in the district see a pinch of trig in Geometry and maybe a small bit in Algebra 2 if they took honors, but Precalc is the real beginning for them. I’ve scribd a teacher’s guide for the Unit Circle Project and a student worksheet that goes with it for anyone interested.

In other news, I am now living on the East Coast in Maine and working as a mathematics consultant for a few groups (teaching jobs are not to be had here due the remote nature of my new location). Hopefully this will mean I’ll get to clear out and post several half-done blog entries over the next while. Unpacking comes first, though. And if anyone is going to NCTM Hartford, let me know as I also plan on attending.

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