in which I relearn some things about function notation

I can get lazy with my language around mathematics. I try not to, but I know it slips through.

My personal biggest challenge in this regard is statistics. Stats demands precision, and I’m just not there with it yet. It’s a work in progress. If I am every talking about you with stats and I say something ridiculous, please feel free to correct me. I will appreciate it.

Beyond stats, function notation is one of those things that I know a lot of people are very casual about. I see teachers and students (and I know I’ve done it when talking) swapping between f and f(x) as though they are the same thing. To help with clarity, and the seed that made this post happen, here is a nice discussion about function notation that I am blogging about so I have it easily in reach and I thought some of you would also find interesting.


Oh, and there’s that Podcast thing that is now up. There will be a new one up this Thursday, 3/21 that’s a shorter format focused on a prompt, what to do about GReader, and other news of the online math world.


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