in which I plot in origami with friends #TMC13

Hey all! Heading to TMC13? Like art? How about origami? Have some time on the plane/train to do some folding? Awesome. Let’s begin!

The Inspiration: Madamoiselle Maurice and an image to honor our hosts

Colors: blues and yellows (Drexel colors–don’t stress about the shade as some variety will be nice). Shoot for a 4:1 ratio of blue to yellow.

Figures: Birds (in blue, because it’s Twitter Math Camp) and pinwheels (in yellow)

Sizes: Try to keep the paper under 7″. Like shade variations, size variations will also be cool.

I’ll be working with some inside sources to find a good spot for the final project. The goal here is a group art project that’s mathy, a homage to our hosts and something to visually capture what I feel is one of the themes of the Mathtwitterblogosphere: that together we create an awesome, giving community.

Q & A:

But, Ashli, I really love to make this other type of bird. Could I fold those blue birds instead of the design you suggest?
Of course. Like cranes? Fold cranes. Just keep in mind that you want a design that lays relatively flat to make it easy to affix to the wall.

What about butterflies? can I make blue butterflies?
Just make sure it has wings, people. We need some cohesion with this design.

Can the yellow ones be other shapes? Like hats or little tshirts?
If the power of Gauss compels you, then you go for it. But try to stick to un-organic things for the yellow.

I don’t have any paper, but I’d be into folding when I arrive at TMC13. Will there be any paper I can use there?
Currently working on acquiring some to have in stacks for people who want to help out with this. I’ll also have some boxes to put finished projects in. If anyone has spare paper and wants to bring it along, that would also be cool.
[Update: Thanks to a speedy Amazon order, a bunch of 6″ origami paper is getting delivered to The Math Forum offices on Wednesday, July 24th. I’ll have it out somewhere obvious during the opener so you can grab some and fold while you listen.]

Is this something that I’ll be able to take an epic nerd-photo in front of?
Yes, yes it is. Not that I would ever get 100+ people to fold paper in order to assemble an epic backdrop for math-nerd photos *cough*

Thanks for reading! Super excited to meet you all at TMC13!


One thought on “in which I plot in origami with friends #TMC13

  1. What an awesome and beautiful idea, Ashli! But I’m biased — and not just because I work for the Forum: before my wife and I married last year outdoors, at the spring of a creek, we included origami paper in our invitations, and asked our guests to fold them into peace cranes and mail them back with their RSVPs. Immediately after our creekside ceremony, we produced them, now attached to cork, to float on the spring water, symbolizing our new journey of peace together.

    … all of which I mention because that event left us with some extra blue-ish and yellow-ish paper squares (5.5″ x 5.5″), both unfolded and folded. If more of either would help TMC13, Ashli, just say the word: I’ve left scores on my desk at the Forum.


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