Do you Math Forum?

The Math Forum does a lot of cool stuff. Just click the link and look at some of the tabs. If you’ve never checkout out their Problems of the Week, I highly recommend.

I bring this group up now because I’m doing an online course with them on Differentiated Math Instruction. While working through the reading, I came across this sentence:

Well-chosen problems can often replace regular exercises and assignments and accomplish multiple curricular goals more effectively.

I am very interested in the selection of problems to replace the hum-drum ‘turn to page p394, complete 1.31 odd’ where possible. Interaction, debate, making links across topics (within and outside of math!), and problems that can engage students coming from multiple backgrounds are all things I want in a classroom. Looking forward to the rest of the course.


2 thoughts on “Do you Math Forum?

  1. You saw my comment on your last post, right? Stop enticing me with your math resource wiles!

    I kid. Thanks for sharing. I’ve heard the name around Twitter, but I’ve never actually gone to the site until just now. I’m excited to explore.


    • “math resource wiles” is a phrase I totally need to use more often as there are a few people like that in my life. Just wait till today’s post for something to read 🙂


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