Early morning sunrises

James asked about when people work, so I thought that would be a nice Saturday topic 🙂

My habit of arriving at school at 5:30am developed in my first year due to two things: the distance from the front door of my abode to the front door of the school was 1 mile and I was the swim coach in the fall (so no after school time). (or any free time as those that teach and coach well understand)

It turned out that 2 other members of the math department also arrived at that hour and my principal was also an early riser. Sometimes a bunch of us would all pull in at the same time and walk in together. It was a nice way to start the day that I very much miss.

Kids would show up for before-school things around 7, so the hour and a half in the morning was spent on reviewing the days plans, copies, breakfast, and the like. I didn’t grade much in the mornings so after school or weekends was when the bulk of the grading got done. I never established an official ‘day off‘, but I rarely worked Friday nights. This pattern worked well for me, and especially as the years went on and my routines got better I slowly reclaimed more ‘free time’ to be social and do outside projects. Or play Skyrim.

I do miss seeing the morning sunrise from my classroom when the school was still quiet. I had east-facing windows on the second floor and it was beautiful.


One thought on “Early morning sunrises

  1. 5:30am?!? Holy cow. I get why you did it, but still. That just makes me shudder to think about. When I was teaching, I *woke up* at 5:45. I was usually out the door by 6:30, and I was still one of the first people at school. (Granted, there were many days where I was also the last person leaving in the evening.)

    I hear you about the sunrise though. I had some beautiful views in the morning and evening when I worked at a school out in the country.


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