Recommended Thursday viewing

Happy Thursday! Though I’ve never quite got the hang of Thursdays…

I’ve been reading xkcd a long while and highly recommend it. TED posted Randall Munroe’s talk today and I highly recommend it. It’s about 10 minutes long and will hopefully make you laugh. If you need some extra incentive, here is a favorite quote:

“I don’t really like math for it’s own sake. What I love is that it lets you take some things that you know and just by moving symbols around on a piece of paper,  find out something you didn’t know that is very surprising. I have a lot of stupid questions and I love that math gives the power to let you answer them. Sometimes.”

– Randall Munroe, Author of XKCD and What If

Click here to watch: Comics that ask “what if?”



5 thoughts on “Recommended Thursday viewing

  1. D’oh, I did not catch when I read this earlier today that the talk was posted today. Well, my guess is my husband has not seen it yet. There is a slight probability he came across it today, but I highly doubt it.


  2. Oh, and I thought you said 100 minutes long the first time I read this, and I was like, “Mmm, that seems kind of long. I probably won’t listen to that.” Ten minutes is more my speed these days.


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