travel season

Late spring/early summer are busiest for me with respect to travel. Since the start of the year, the only trip I’ve taken is to NCTM, but that changes this Wednesday when I fly out to Boise, ID for a conference where I get to work with middle school teachers on ccssm stuff. After that it’s to Washington state (Walla Walla, Seattle) to see friends and family then to Honolulu, HI for a 2 day PD I’m running then back to home for less than 24 hours before heading to DC for a conference for 2 days then home for 4 days before heading to PCMI in Park City, Utah for 4 weeks. Inhale. There is another trip at the end of July to Chicago for the NCTM HS Interactive Institute, but that’s after being home for 1.5 weeks, so it’s not as attached to this 7ish week jaunt.

I am very much looking forward to all the teachers I get to meet on these travels. There are so many cool things happening in classrooms all over and I feel privileged to get little windows into so many places.

If you’re in one of my destinations, hit me up on twitter as tweet ups are wonderful :]



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