Math is my love.  Folding is my zen.  I find joy hiking & backpacking with family, friends, and my dog.  I play a lot of table-top games. Teaching is more fun than fun.
  • I used to teach at a suburban high school North of Seattle. I now live in a less-populated region of beautiful Maine where I work as a mathematics consultant (mostly for IllustrativeMathematics.org) and substitute.
  • I am a NBCT in AYA/Mathematics.
  • My degree is in mathematics, but it’s a liberal arts degree so I studied a lot of things and am easily distracted by mythology and astronomy.
  • Drop a line anytime.  I love to hear what others are doing and thinking about in their own teaching worlds to see where the overlap is and what can be learned from new perspectives.

13 thoughts on “editor-in-creasing

  1. Ashli,
    I attended your presentation on CCSS in Wendell, ID this last week. You and Aaron did a great job, and I have already begun checking out the resources you recommended! Thanks, Kelly Bow.


  2. Ashli,
    I just read Julie Reulbach’s post about TCM13 and heard your talk on Extending Student Understanding from Numbers to Variables was great! I would love to hear about your approach. I tried to find info on your blog, but couldn’t find anything. Could you fill me in??


  3. Hi Ashli, I write to you from WGBH Boston. We are trying to contact Illustrative Mathematics but having trouble connecting. Can you help us out?


  4. Hey Ms. Ashli,

    Hope you’re having a great day!

    I’m doing an expert roundup on my site and I think many new Math teachers using education technology products in their classroom like me would love to know your answer to this question :

    If you could only use 3 Education technology tools/apps/sites for your teaching which 3 tools would you choose? e.g. WolframAlpha, KhanAcademy and Inside Mathematics.

    Thanks in advance!

    As soon as I’m done compiling the results, I would inform and link back to your blog.

    Thank you!


  5. Hi Ashli.

    Hopefully you still read these comments…

    Kristin Gray passed your name along to me as I have a few questions about how IM is going about organizing the MKT task section of the website. I’m interested in developping something for teachers I work with but I am struggling about how to organize the tasks in a coherent manner. Any advice/help you could give would be greatly apprecitated. Thanks!


    • Hi Pierre,

      I’m not sure which tasks you are referring to as MKT ones–do you have a link you could toss my way? Right now the IM site organizes all tasks by the CCSS(s) they align with both by grade and by strand (depending on how you click through).


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      • “MKT” for “Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching”. It seems that it is a joint project with the University of Michigan (maybe with Deborah Ball?) Here is the link: https://www.illustrativemathematics.org/collaboration
        As of now, there is only one “Teach Tasks”, but I am wondering about how they will be eventually organized- by strand? by standard? by grade? etc.


      • Ah, gotcha, thanks for the link! I’m actually a bit out of the loop on things right now since I’m on maternity leave and that wasn’t a project I worked on. I’d shoot a query to email@illustrativemathematics.org. Sorry to not be of more help!

        On Tue, Jul 12, 2016 at 9:33 PM, Learning to Fold wrote:



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