Too busy, but I’m still reading

I’m gearing up for the summer season which tends to be my busiest when it comes to work and doing professional development. I’ve got things in 4 different states on the docket over the next 3 months so my May is all about making sure I have everything planned and ready for those things.

Everyone works differently when planning (be it for PD or classroom lessons) and I’m the type to spent a large amount of time Reading All the Things and then sitting down to synthesize and put it all together. The long haul of reading can make my head spin and with the advent of spring and allergies hitting me harder than they have in years I find myself a but of a grump the past few days.

Days like this make me thankful for my blog reader. As I wind down for the night, I opened it just to skim a few titles and I ran across David’s latest post that had this line in it:

A pyramid is like a 3D representation of a dilation.”

Waht. WHat? Dude. ❤

Now, I’m a total 3D kid. I may have been rubbish at algebra as a kid, but I would visualize 3D like a pro (thank you years of origami and lots of 3D toys growing up) and I’ve never thought of the 3D shapes in quite that way using that word. Slices? Sure. Dilations? Never. It’s such a lovely picture in my head and, as David points out, a great call back to 2D dilations. I want to go and try to make 3D dilations in Desmos starting from a base and a line of dilation. Possible project for later.

So thank you, students in Mr. Cox’s class. You have brightened the day of this Mainer.

2 thoughts on “Too busy, but I’m still reading

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