What’s on your walls?

There was a lot of artwork in my classroom. Origami everywhere, as you might expect, but also a large poster by Alex Ross of the Justice League, decals of transformers (including a 3 foot Optimus Prime behind my desk), video game posters, photos from my backpacking trips, space posters by Greg Martin, Escher prints.

My challenge to those still working on #MTBoS30 (and everyone with a blog, really), is to post some of your favorite classroom decorations that you either have or want to have.

These posters from Zen Pencils are on my want list 🙂


5 thoughts on “What’s on your walls?

  1. One of our local comic book stores has posters of individual Justice League members done by Alex Ross. They’re beautiful. If it wouldn’t take up too much space, I’d love to own them all. Maybe I’ll get a poster of the whole Justice League. That sounds more efficient with regards to wall space. 🙂


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